Taking it further


First things first. Happy New Year! Belatedly…

Between 1 January and 30 April 2016 you will have the opportunity to register for Cyprus Open Studios. This event will be held over the first four weekends of October 2016. No registrations will be considered after the cut-off date of midnight, 30 April 2016.

A website in Greek and English has been created – www.cyprusopenstudios.com – on which you may register and pay your fee(s) online – please look at the fee structure for individuals and groups. If you wish to join as a group, please complete the form for each participant and ADVISE us who you will be joining and how many in the group.

As soon as you register you will be supplied with the COS Artists’ Handbook which will walk you through the process on a month-by-month basis until after the event. This is an important tool for making your event work successfully.

Cyprus Open Studios offer Gold, Silver and Friend Only sponsorship, the details of which you will also find in the Handbook. The sponsors will be featured on a dedicated page on the website. More information on the actual form.

In order to further boost our effectiveness, we sell advertising space in the printed Guide and will carry the same advertisement on the Participants’ page on the website. This is invaluable to advertisers as their name will be seen by thousands of people. The actual form provides the fee structure.

Not only will you be able to participate in this exciting event, but you will also be able to sell your art through the e-shop. Please note that there will be an additional registration fee to use the shop facility. As soon as things calm down, we will work on the structure of the e-shop.

Isn’t all this exciting? And there is so much more in the pipeline…

Cyprus Open Studios (COS) is managed by three partners:

Maria Volschenk-Etheridge – many of you will be familiar with her and her dedication to art and artists. Please see the link below to read more about her and her activities*
Marina Emphietzi-Harris – to learn more about Marina’s outstanding track record, please visit http://art-en-route-cyprus.com/artists/emphietzi-harris-marina.html
Nora Hadjisotiriou – Based in Nicosia, Nora is a valuable asset with a vast knowledge of Public Relations and Marketing. She is also a dedicated supporter of The Arts, specialising in literature and music.

It is envisaged to run COS island-wide and to that end we will need volunteers who could distribute all promotional material in their areas, canvas sponsors and advertisers, and be at hand to assist artists if they need advice. If you wish to become involved and work closely with the partners and fellow creators, please contact us on info@cyprusopenstudios.com for further information.

There are still wagon-loads to do before we are ready for the event, so please be patient. If you come across anything that needs clarification and/or correction or improvement, please let us know. We are all on a learning curve!

*In 2014, Mary-Lynne Stadler wrote an article for AngloInfo – you can read it here:
In this article she introduced the activities of Maria Volschenk-Etheridge with regard to the online artists’ directory, www.art-en-route-cyprus.com