Christmas 2018

Only two items this time… we are closing for Christmas from 17 December 2018 until 3 January 2019! And you thought we only worked for 10 days of the year! No, we dedicate ourselves (almost) full-time to YOU! But, we couldn’t leave without wishing you…

Our Christmas card

We are still taking care of the registration processes for the Open Galleries Abroad (OGA) – the deadline has been reached. Please contact Marina for any further information:

The second item of importance is to announce the winner of the 2018 Cyprus Open Studios Free Draw! His name is PETER GEHRER who is a swallow between Cyprus and Switzerland! He will be coming back for his four free art lessons and we will be showing you images when that happens in the autumn of 2019.

Congratulations, Peter!


Peace on Earth!

One thought on “Christmas 2018

  1. Hi Marina,

    Any updates on the exhibition for next year? Kind Regards

    Mark Thompson

    Home + 90 533 8662683 Home+44 7899 230514

    Work + 971 5477925125

    Skype : thompmark

    “*A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art*.” *Paul Cezanne * Fiat Lux


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