R.I.P. Cyprus Open Studios

Yes, sad as it may be, we have come to the point where our beloved Cyprus Open Studios could no longer stay alive. The funeral will be on 31 December 2020.

October used to be the month of the year in which we flung open our doors to the public, enjoyed stimulating conversations, and explored new horizons. And that is why this post is coming to you at this time as I personally mourn the demise of all that. It has not been an easy decision!

The Cyprus Open Studios website will continue to be available to view, with all of the past participants’ information accessible in the ARCHIVE by year. This year’s participants will be added at the end of this year.

The Facebook page will also continue to exist and open to conversation.

I will personally also continue to be available for conversations about art and artists and I trust that I will see you frequently! Obviously we also have to cope with the protocols of the dreaded virus, which is another reason for this decision.

Marina Emphietzi and Nora Hadjisotiriou, my two partners, have both gone their separate ways and are pursuing their individual careers. I would like to say a GIANT thank you to them both for all the hard work that they have put into the years that we have stood side by side. I wish them both every success in the future, with whatever side of Culture they engage in.

This is then not goodbye, just au revoir – until we meet again.

Maria Etheridge.

+357 99 512 959

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