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Having been involved with open studios since 2006 here in Cyprus, it has become abundantly clear why it no longer resonates with local artists. It’s like comparing an 8mm film (us) with a 3D version (the world) – we are a tiny bit of the market.

Of course, it’s a great pity that the appreciative public will no longer have the opportunity to see artists in their own environment, to discuss their processes, and to buy pieces that they love. BUT, all is not lost! You can continue doing it very comfortably from either your studio, your kitchen table or your bedroom – everyone is doing it! Learn how, and know from which angle you look your best! All you need is a laptop, tablet or PC. Yes, you will have to learn to use them too if you haven’t yet!

I have just finished watching a webinar entitled “How to buy art online with confidence”. They were talking about art and artists with a price range in the thousands and even millions. Here on our little island, we know that those prices are way out of our league.

However, there is hope for each and every artist on this Island of Love. I strongly suggest that, if you want to make sales online, research… and research… and research! There will always be charlatans in this world who will try and take advantage of what you have to offer.

Learn about “Branding”. Yes, something I was not familiar with until it became abundantly clear in the course of this webinar. I don’t want to do advertising on here, especially not when I’m not being paid for it! But, if you Google the above title, it will lead you to hundreds of pages for you to explore… A word of advice: Study EVERY angle before selling something online and then finding out the buyer was not what you expected them to be.

There are numerous online opportunities – go for the firmly established institutions.  Artsy is a good place to start, by the way. It may be a bit daunting at first, but it’s totally rewarding in the end. The process is not a quick-rich scheme; you need to firmly establish yourself on the scene as a trustworthy artist.

Learn about pricing, shipping and insurance. You will need to know all about it if you want to talk with confidence to a potential buyer. However, if you choose to go with an established online platform, they will advise you.

We are entering the winter months – what a great time to get into the cave and hide away whilst doing something really useful. I know what I will be doing… painting, and website building, and researching everything I can lay my hands on; there is an abundance of resources.

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Good luck!


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