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Dear Friends,

Spring time is here with March setting its foot on the ground. A feeling of fresh sunshine and flowers! A time for spiritual and creative rebirth.

With the spring air now in the island, it is slowly lifting the spirit up and the need for positive energy and change is floating around. So, it’s a good time to escape in nature and enjoy the fresh spring colours and scents. If you are a plain-air artist, this is a nice time to paint outdoors. There are lots of nice spots to choose from. Choosing between the sea shores and the little rural, traditional villages by the mountains or exploring a spot in the natural parks… the options can be many.

If you like to paint in your studio, this is the time to enjoy the Spring sunlight as well as take advantage of the longer daylight as it starts by the end of the month.

Spring colours in paintings are often represented by light turquoises and blues, soft yellows and terracotta not to exclude off course the rest of the colour schemes. Whatever you choose, so long it comes from the heart, it’s special and for sure beautiful!

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Creativity is contagious, pass it on!.. Albert Einstein


Cyprus is full of wonderful artists, wanting to share their unique creativity and talent. This month we are introducing Photoulla Kyprianou, an inspiring photographer and a landscape admirer! She is a Cypriot amateur photographer who was always impressed when she saw photos of all kinds. For her, each photo has a whole story to tell without a single word. A portrait photo doesn’t only show a face; for her, it shows also feelings and emotions.

A landscape photo captures the immense beauty of our planet; all the beauty around us, mountains, rivers, lakes, flowers, birds, animals….

Photos of archaeological monuments, old buildings are also something that attracts her attention as they have an historical story to tell apart from their beauty.

Generally, Photoulla believes that a photo can freeze the moment and make it a moment to last forever, a memory, an information, a story. All these are what makes her photography so special and inspires her to photograph anything that through her eyes looks beautiful, interesting, amazing and worth to click the button and capture the moment. Furthermore, as she loves exploring and seeing new places, landscape photography is the main theme of her photos.

To view Photoulla’s Kyprianou photos you can visit her account on:

Instagram: @photoullakyprianou

Website :  


CYPRUS OPEN STUDIOS (COS) – – – ONCE UPON A TIME... by Maria Etheridge

As you know, many fairytales begin with those words. My world always includes fairies and fairytales and even at my ripe old age I still believe in magic.

Let me start at the beginning. A very good place to start!

Way back in 2006/7 two pioneers from Cambridge in England, living in Cyprus, teamed up and started Open Studios CY. They were David Lester (RIP) and Sue Harding, and they used the Cambridge formula to run the local open studios. The 2007 event kicked off with a grand opening at Tekni Art which, at the time, was run by Nic Costa. It was a roaring success and we loved every minute of the next three years.

I fully participated in these annual events and loved to welcome visitors to my home studio. I was also a volunteer taking on the job of media publishing. Each January we started preparations for the October event; believe me, it entailed a lot of hard work! We loved it though.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, someone suggested that the organisation should be registered as an NGO. This was done and it involved establishing a Board with Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and so forth, with books to be kept and accounting to be done and… at the AGM in December 2011, it fell flat as no-one wanted to stand for election for the future. Thus, it went into hibernation.

At that time I had an ailing husband who needed more care. He passed away in 2012 and after all the paperwork and stuff were sorted out, I was at sea without a rudder. My art had also taken a place on the back burner and I was stumbling around trying to find my path forward.

In 2015 I did a test run with a new open studios event and it was welcomed by artists and viewers alike, with great enthusiasm. In January 2016 two friends came on board and we formed a partnership. They are well-known here in Cyprus: Nora Hadjisotiriou whose love is literature, and Marina Emphietzi whose art most of you know well.

Again there seemed to be a lifespan of three years as registrations started tapering off in 2019 and by 2020 they were well down. We decided to call it a day and the decision was reinforced by Covid-19.

It was with great sadness that I had to put a notice on our website announcing that Cyprus Open Studios (COS) had gone into hibernation. At this stage, it doesn’t look as if she will wake up again… perhaps the sleeping beauty needs a handsome prince.

Cyprus has a very small art market and without tourists doing the travelling around the various studios island-wide, it was a foregone conclusion: no more open studios. Another reason is the internet and the vast number of online sites where artists are able to sell their products. Opening a studio is also really hard work, but I always found the rewards so satisfying.

The website will remain in operation as all the past participants between 2016 and 2020 are still to be found in the ARCHIVE – the website is  and anyone is welcome to visit it.

The opening ceremony at the Palia Ilekrtiki of the second year of Open Studios CY – the first open studios organisation


I salute Kiara Timm for the Art Newsletter which she is planning to publish monthly. She is a one-woman show and would love to hear from you if you are able to make a contribution for the publication. I fully support this effort – it is admirable! Thank you, Kiara!

I will from time to time provide my little nuggets and hope they will help in furthering your own art and/or craft business. Who knows – it may lead somewhere!

If you would like to subscribe to this Art Newsletter, please add your name to the mailing list by contacting Kiara by email on  or by messenger (SMS) or Whatsapp (+357 99 402180) – she would love to hear from you. END


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