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Art Studio News  –  July 2021  –  by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

Materializing ideas or even starting to create something new is not always easy. Writers often get the ‘writer’s block’, and the same can happen to artists. There are times that the creative flow gets into a dead-end and does not really ‘flow.’

I often get the question: ’Where do you get your inspiration from?’ I have to stop and think before I can give an answer… It can be from anything really. From a walk to the coast, site seeing, travels, reading a book and often from listening to music. If this does not help, at times I go to a DYI shop. While most people go there to get their tools and supplies to fix their gardens and homes, I go there to stare at tools and supplies to get inspired for art ideas and on how to apply a tool into some new and exciting art technique.

At the end of the day, I take the ‘risk’ to invest in a funny brush or so in order to play around at home on my canvas like a little child. Well, this creative process usually happens around summer time for some reason. So, summer time can be the time to explore creative art ideas and getting ready for Autumn.

As always, enjoy your reading, stay cool from the heat,  keep your positive vibes and stay in touch with us!

‘Waiting for the Sun’ series is now done!

Started this past year, a series of 10 small paintings with the theme of sunsets and sunrises, as every day is special and unique! DM for details.

Meeting a local  artist… MARINA POLYCARPOU ‘CHRYSAVGI’!

Born in the Congo, Africa, Marina was inspired by the images of nature, the colors and different animal species where she started to draw enormous trees and various kinds of flowers with black pencils giving to her creations shades of dark and light.

Once back in her parents’ motherland, Cyprus in the 80s, she used any camera she could lay her hands on until she got a professional one to capture all sorts of flowers, plants and amazing sunsets. Her photography was also expanded into bringing to life logs of trees that resemble birds, waves of the Mediterranean sea that looked like melted gold, leaves, wild nature and moments of her various travels in Europe.

In 2015, together with 5 other artist and a landscaper, they brought to life the colorful and so inspiring exhibition “Blossom”. Marina exhibited a vibrant and versatile series of her photographs of Cyprus’ wildflowers, giving a very special touch to the exhibition, complemented with real plants added by the landscaper.  Marina’s photos with their crisp colors and details take the viewer into the beautiful world of nature with its wonders.

In 2017, Marina participated with her photography and part of the Blossom group in Norway.

Marina keeps her Instagram by the name of “Chrysavgi” which is also the name of her mother figure, who inspired her to be always herself: her grandmother. With her smart phone or camera, she shares her unique images that she captures into her Instagram account.

To view Marina’s work, check out her  Instagram:  @chrysavgi17

Creativity is contagious, pass it on! ~ Albert Einstein


Stop by and check out the new ARTernative bags – choose one of a kind design for any special occasion!
Andrea Kalvou 1 & Ayias Phylaxeous, Limassol.


Located on the way to Cape Greco, the 20.000 square metres sculpture park together with the adjoining cactus park offer an interesting setting for a walk with beautiful panoramic views and benches along the way to sit and enjoy the art pieces.

The sculpture park consists of a large collection of art works by over 50 artists from around the world together with local artists who have participated in the annual Sculpture Symposium held by Ayia Napa Municipality some time ago. The expansion of the collection is an ongoing project that is continually being added to and in 2015, artists from around the world created their sculptures on-site over a period of three weeks, turning the park into an open-air workshop.

The park is hosting an amazing variety of sculptures with themes influenced from mythology to nature and beyond.

The park is open all year around and it is free entrance. 

Tip: Given that the park is mostly exposed to the sun, it can be very hot during summertime thus it is suggested to pick a cool hour of the day to visit the site.

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It took 12 years for Leonardo da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa’s lips only!