Art Studio News – October 2021

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm 


Dear Friends,

The month of October appears to be a good month for hands-on and materializing art shows, exhibitions and all sorts of artful, creative presentations. After a long summer on the island and with September getting back on track, October opens up to be the realization point if you like, for many beautiful exhibitions! So, if you are ‘thirsty’ for some art events, keep on reading and there are some exciting news coming up for you to enjoy and to motivate your creative spirit!

So, as always let your creativity flow and drive you to exciting outcomes. As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Among the Guto Ajayu Culture Art Anthology

Guto Ajayu Culture presents the Art Anthology part III, a book presentation including about 200 artists from around the world. The book which was presented on the Fine Arts Circle Madrid-Casa Europa (CBA) this month will also be part of the Spanish National library in Madrid. I would like to thank them for being part of this prestigious project!

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein


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Meeting A LOCAL  artist…


Marina’s work explores issues of time, life and memory.

She creates engaging artworks in a distinct semi-abstract style inspired mostly by water and the marine environment. With the sound of crashing sea waves and the hot feeling of sand under bare feet, Marina Emphietzi’s story starts in Famagusta, Cyprus. Her family’s childhood home built along the scenic coastline, she spent most of her days by the beach. It is here that she came to know the limitless freedom of the Ocean.

Surrounded by the vivid landscapes of Cyprus, art came naturally to Marina. Her heart’s desire was to study art, although she would pursue a successful career in hotel management and marketing before finally achieving her life-long dream. She has studied at the prestigious schools of Central St. Martins and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS).

She lost her home in the trauma of war. The ocean and its waters, full of life and possibility, are a part of her most joyful memories. They are from which she draws inspiration from in her work and why her pieces have the power to evoke strong feelings of nostalgia and freedom.

A world traveler, Marina has called many places home. The man-made beaches of Dubai, the crowded markets of Ethiopia, and now, the grey skies of London, U.K., each brings their own colour palette to Marina’s current work. Created with robust energy, her paintings have playful textures and a distinct style.

They bring to surface lost memories of being near water, the sound of rumbling waves, the feeling of a warm breeze across skin. A metaphor of the transient human experience, her artwork suggests we flow through the journey of life, ever-changing and free.

To view more on Marina’s Artworks check out:
instagram: @marina.emphietzi


Pick & choose and MORE


‘CONVERSATIONS’ /  exhibit8gallery, Limassol / submission deadline 27 Oct 21. // 25212171


LARNACA BIENNALE  /  opening 13 October 21—26 November 21

Art Studio 55, Limassol / 23-26 October 21 &  30 Oct. – 2 Nov.21

… The Soul of the Artist exhibition is an open theme Art Exhibition where artists from different styles and a variety of mediums, are invited to showcase their unique artwork  /

EKATE / Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts 11, Peonos Street, Nicosia

… Sea+Earth / Marina Emphietzi and Celia Potoudis Macpherson /25 October –5 Nov. 2021  /

Cornaro Art Institute, Limassol / 29 October 2021

… ICSAH Exhibition Human Mobility through the ages /


A good art book is equal to good company for the artists in addition to a good source of inspiration for anyone who wants to explore their creative side.

So, if you are looking to expand your artistic curiosity, then here are 2 books suggested to you:

To explore colours:

… 600 Watercolour Mixes  ~  Sharon Finmark

… 500 Acrylic Mixes  ~  Sharon Finmark

If you are looking for portraits then a good book is:

… Drawing Masterclass Portraits  ~  Carole Massey

Finally, if you like to explore techniques then a good start is:

… Terry’s Greatest Tips for Acrylic and Watercolour Artists  ~  Terry Harrison


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