Art Studio News – Aug/Sep 2022


Dear Friends,

Call it September vibes, Autumn vibes or whatever else you fancy, for sure there seems to be a lot happening as soon as the summer ended. Some new art venues seem to pop up around, while lots of art and overall cultural events are taking place around the island which makes it hard to keep up! What matters is that things are finally happening and the art scene is booming!

I don’t know if it’s just this time of the year where everything is starting to take a roll again in tandem with a new school year or if it’s the post-covid syndrome; people seem to be thirsty to feed their mind and soul with more art activities and events! Whatever it is, for sure it adds a fresh breath to the daily routine.

As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!


While working as a craftsman at a lighting manufacturer, Panicos Spanos discovered his love for metal. He studied classical painting and ceramics under the Cypriot artist Pambos Michlis. Eventually he opened his own studio as a metal sculptor, and has stayed true to his medium ever since. He has participated in various exhibitions in Cyprus and is part of private collections all over the world.

Some of his artworks have been in public displays such as Icarus at the Ayia Napa promenade, Cerberus at the Ayia Napa sculpture park, the Olympic Champion Pavlos Kontides at Limassol’s Nautical Club, and the monument of Miners at Kalavassos village.

His recent exhibition in Limassol, ‘Step into my World’ showcases just some examples of his ongoing exploration of his inner thoughts, surroundings and society at large.

Further, the artist pulls together from a wide range of influences, specifically from the concept of time and space, the natural kingdom, and the infinite potential of humanity.

Some of Spanos’ sculptures have a playful tone and often reflect his attraction of cartoons and pop culture, while others are edgy and fierce.

For more enquires, check out below:

Instagram: @spanosart

Website: Mobile: +357 99 598 905


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Creativity is contagious, pass it on! ~ Albert Einstein

STO5i– a new collective

It all began when three young artists and friends decided to started off a chill collaboration between them. They would get together every summer in Cyprus and realized that they had a lot of common needs as artists, due to their good ideas and creative discussions.

Their first attempt was in summer 2021, where even with limited resources they managed to put together a small exhibition in Paphos and organized a private view which was a successful chance for emerging creatives to connect and discuss professional and identity struggles as artists. Following this experience, they decided that these struggles could facilitate the creation of a strong community.

As a result STO5i was born; a community interest collective committed to furthering the development of the media arts in Cyprus.

Its practice aims to mend the gap between up-and-coming artists and the local scene while providing creative spaces on the island for artists to meet, communicate and create together.

The founders are looking at it as a long-term commitment to finding more creatives like them that might or might not be struggling to put themselves out in the Cypriot scene and potentially create a community of co-creating friends. They are interested in inspiring more of a conversation between art/curator, writer/reader, and exhibition/artwork.

They try to help each other’s practice as much as they can, combining their individual skills to create great work.

STO5i had successfully managed to put together two group exhibitions over the summer of 2022, one in Limassol and another one in Paphos and are planning for more in the future.


Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night was painted while he was admitted for mental illness at Saint Remy de Provence. It is a view of the night sky right at his window which was painted during the day.


  • CELEBRATION OF CLAY / 1-2-/10/22 / MEDIEVAL CASTLE / 16:00- 20:00



WITH  VARIOUS  ARTISTS / Telephone :  +357 24 001 502

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As always, stay safe and keep on creating!


Art Studio News – June 2022

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

Nourish your souls with creativity and get inspired as summer is here with promising events for you!

Art activities are picking up for all your senses to enjoy and relax. Let yourself go into the realm of creating and indulge the positive feelings and vibes that come along with it.

As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading.

Enjoy your summer!

Meeting a local artist…MARIA MICHAEL

Inspired by nature and its elements, Maria Michael is a ceramist from Limassol. Working for more that 20 years with clay, Maria’s initial art exploration started with painting. After taking ceramic classes, clay won her heart. Her appreciation and connection with nature such as forests, trees, fairies and the sea are the themes depicted in her sensitive and earthy artworks. Her gentle soul and open spirit are embraced in her artworks and capture the audience. Creating for Maria offers a sense of freedom and wholeness.

Maria is currently offering a series of ceramic workshops for free, sponsored by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism as well as in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Limassol. The list of all the workshops can be found at the Heart Land of Legends Cyprus website at and they are running until December 2022.

In addition, Maria is also collaborating for a Centre for Children With Special Needs and offers a weekly workshop dedicated to these children as a means of art therapy.

Through the years, Maria has also participated in various group exhibitions on the island and her work has been shown at special events overseas. She has represented Cyprus in the 13th Children’s Festival with her ceramic and ink art work, ‘The abduction of Europea’ is part of the Fairy tale museum in Athens and was illustrated as the festival’s poster.

Further, Maria has participated with her Fairy sculptures at the group exhibition in honor of the 100 years of Vasilis Michaelides held by the Municipal Gallery in Limassol in 2017.

To view more on Maria’s artworks, you can check out below:

Instagram : @maria_michael_dryas
Facebook : Maria Michael

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!..
Albert Einstein

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Upcoming events

Kalavasos community museum / TERRA ARTE / various art workshops offered for free / 26 June/ 10 & 24 July / for info 99539705


7 May – 23 July 2022 | Sensing is believing, believing

7 May – 23 July 2022 / The exhibition,Bey, Fortress and the, deals with the history of colonial Cyprus via a fictional narrative. 

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 – 21:00*
Sunday and Monday: Closed / *only during exhibitions  / +357 22797400


>>> LET’S TALK HISTORY / lecture series, featuring  scientists who focus on various subjects relating to museums, collections, exhibitions and actions of the Cultural Foundation, but also more broadly to all periods of Cypriot history, archaeology, art history and literature. /, and on other audiostreaming platforms(Buzzsprout, Spotify, Google Podcasts: “Let’s talk history”) / 1/6/22-30/6/22


NICOSIA / Theatre-Music-Dance-Cinema/ /events/Events-2020/FANEROMENI22/ 20/6/22-30/9/22

Did you know that?

Edgar Degas was so fascinated with ballet dancers that it is estimated that he made approximately 1500 paintings, pastels, prints and drawings of dancers.

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As always, stay safe and keep on creating!

Art Studio News – May 2022

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,
May the month of May fill your hearts will lots of joyful and creative ideas! Keep your eyes open as the month of May is also a month dedicated to Museums where different activities are also held at different times and cities in various museums and places. Check out at the websites of the various municipalities in the island for more information in this regard as well as more information are on the following pages!

Once again, lots of inspiring events are happening to keep your mind and yourselves busy, escaping from your daily routine. As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Connected’ going virtual at the Venice Biennale this summer!
If you are travelling to Italy, it will be on until end of July


In the charming village of Lania, I met Elena Antorka, a self-taught textile artist full of creative energy and a gentle heart. While Elena initially studied dance as well as attended graphic design courses, textile art ended up winning her heart. It all started after receiving a gift : a sewing machine. It was the beginning of her love affair with fabrics and started her to create her own line of creative textile accessories, bags and more.

Since 2013 she has been creating as well as assisting in the fashion business in the creative part of clothing design, mostly related to events such as costumes for carnivals.

Elena explained that she gets her inspiration for her creations from simple things; colours, shapes, textiles.

Currently, she is been renovating her studio in the village of Lania where she is also part of a project where she has been offering a series of textile workshops for free, sponsored by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. The list of all the workshops can be found at the Heart Land of Legends Cyprus website at and they are running until December 2022.

Elena has a special connection with textiles and creating for her is part of her identity, who she is and also what keeps her balanced with her surroundings. According to Elena, ‘everyone has the need to create.’

To view more on Elena Antorka’s creations and information check out:
Instagram: @Athasi_Creative_Studio
Facebook page: @Elena Antorka
Phone: +357 99 334 055

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein ~

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A different kind of experience…
As this month is dedicated to Museums, here is a small introduction to some of them which are probably a bit different from the most known ones in the island….

>>> The Cyprus Railways Museum which is housed in the old railway station near Evrychou village in the Troodos mountains, was part of the railroad operating between 1905 to 1951. From the station only the main building has survived which has been restored by the Department of Antiquities. In the Museum, original documents, drawings, photos and various objects related to the Cyprus railways are exhibited.

>>> The Fairytale Museum in Nicosia invites children and adults to the magical world of fairy tales. One of the Museum’s goals is focused on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage that includes fairy tales, legends, myths and traditions from Cyprus and Greece. The museum also organizes various events for children and adults.

>>> The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), located in Nicosia is the home to the Costas and Rita Severis Collections, which include paintings, antique costumes and memorabilia related to Cyprus and its neighboring countries. CVAR also houses a library and research centre. The main mission of the CVAR is the promotion of the culture and history of Cyprus, both locally and abroad.

>>> The Medflora Museum Cyprus in Limassol is a thematic museum for the medicinal flora of Cyprus. The Museum consists of Persephone’s Walk (MedGarden) and Orpheus Herbarium. Taking the MedGarden trail, visitors can enjoy the Persephone’s Walk, a 20 minutes meditative walk through the circular path of a jolly garden.

>>> The Local Ethnographic Museum of Geroskipou is housed in a traditional 18th century building, also known as the “House of Hadjismith”. It contains a large collection of exhibits originating from all
over Cyprus, representing the daily life, the various crafts and activities and the different expressions of Cypriot folk art during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


27, 28,29, 31/5/22 AND 1-2/6/22 ROYAL MANOR HOUSE, KOUKLIA

Vincent van Gogh made three distinct versions of his bedroom painting:

1st is in the collection of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam;

2nd belonging to the Art Institute of Chicago,
painted on the same scale and almost identical; and

3rd a smaller canvas in the collection of the Musée
d’Orsay, Paris, which he made as a gift for
his mother and sister.

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As always, stay safe and keep on creating!

Art Studio News – April 2022

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

If March kept its winter coat on, April made its entrance with its ravishing scents and a splash of warmer temperatures! While we are now welcoming Spring officially, we try to keep the spirit up, the positive vibes and  creativity going.

It must be spring!

There are different events and activities going on for you to explore and enjoy.

As always, stay well, stay positive, enjoy your reading and the Easter Holidays!

Connected – going virtual at the Venice Biennale this summer!



Brit Lindstroem is a Norwegian artist who has been residing on and off the island for about the past 20 years. Her love for the arts and painting in particular started in 2007 when she first came to the island of Aphrodite (Venus) and started taking classes at Nick Costa’s studio. 

Her love for colors together with her thirst to express her creativity through her paintings, has let her to explore all sorts of themes through her artworks; from nature to stormy weather, seascape scenery and beyond, Brit’s art is clearly very versatile and alive. Her source of inspiration also varies from walks in nature with its colours, local seascapes, photographs and magazines.

Brit mostly paints with acrylics but she also likes to explore with mix media.

Brit had also been a member of the Cyprus Open studios where she had participated in various art group exhibitions. She had also been showing her works at The Makers Space in Tala together with other artists recently.

Currently, she holds a studio in Chlorakas at the Artemis Studios, a space hosting different artists, where she continues to show her work.

To view more on Brit Lindstroem’s artworks, you can contact her at to arrange an appointment or visit her at Artemis Studios in Chlorakas, Paphos.

Creativity is contagious – pass it on!

Albert Einstein

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In the beautiful hills of Tala, near Agios Neophytos Monastery, lies The Makers Space, a unique and creative art facility hosting membership-based studio and gallery space for artists and ceramists.

The whole concept was born about 5 years ago when its creator, Lee-Anne Raw, was in search of something with a meaning. As a ceramic maker, she was on a quest for a small studio space when she discovered the beautiful stone building close to the monastery.  It was a matter of time until she renovated and transformed it into the present incredible art facility.

The Makers Space offers a range of membership options that cater for full-time artists, serious art hobbyist as well as beginners. Currently, the space hosts a team of 20 people while it covers classes on a weekly bases for about 14-18 children.  The space also offers a series of events and exhibitions which are listed on its Facebook page.

Quoting Lee-Anne Raw… ’Arts come with a challenge… in our personal journey we need to push ourselves to find what we are capable of’.

FB: The Makers Space

Shared Studio and Gallery Spaces / Agios Neophytos Avenue – +357 96 894368

Pick & choose & MORE

Open calls




On going

~~~ART STUDIO 55, LIMASSOL / SPRING GROUP EXHIBITION / 11-17/4/ 22,  7pm -10pm

~~~Pop up shop / artists exhibition at sneakpeek multispacer Nicosia / trikoupi 92a&B, NICOSIA / 17/4/22 at 2-9pm

Did you know that?

POP ARTIST, Andy Warhol, at the end of every month, would seal a box and add a date to it to create “time capsules.”

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As always, stay safe and keep on creating!

Art Studio News – January 2022

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

We start the first month of the year with some fresh, creative and, of course, artsy ideas to get you going!

We hope that all of you had a great and enjoyable holiday season and may your new year start full of positive energy and good spirit!

Our new year’s resolution is to continue to provide our readers with positive art news through these online  newsletters, share them around and of course spread creativity around as at this point, to quote James Baldwin: “The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.”

As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

It must be spring…

Meeting a  local  artist…KATTYA Glavina!

Full of energy and passionate about art, Kattya Glavina, is a native Colombian Jewelry Designer and Painter who grew up in an artistic environment. She has extensive experience within the visual world in the USA and Europe. She always has more works of Art in progress which is how she likes it. Her philosophy about life is that our visions become artistic expressions of who we truly are.

Today she considers herself a Visionary Artist and resides in the breath-taking island of Cyprus where she has expanded her creative mind through several group and solo exhibitions as well as her ‘Intuitive Tree Art Readings’ which she uniquely created. She has also been featured in dozens of magazines, websites and other platforms.

Kattya has the passionate heart of an artist. Her artwork is a harmonious balance of elements seen and unseen. While her art is mainly of a monochromatic palate, it expresses her inner world with an interaction of lines, forms, textures and rhythm. She mainly favors silver and gold leaf with heavy acrylics as well as adding  her own sculpturing technique to give dimension to her paintings.

Art for this painter is a dose of imagination, knowledge, a sense of exploration and recognition of belonging, much like a declaration of awareness.

To view more on Kattya’s art works check out below:

FB @Kattya Glavina’s Art

Instagram @KattyaGlavina

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
Albert Einstein

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Catching fireworks!
… Finding your creative path

There is a point in a creative person’s life where inspiration or the creative process may reach in a dead-end or as we say, have a ‘writer’s block’ which does not necessarily involve only writers; it may happen to any creative mind: songwriters, visual artists, performers, choreographers, storytellers, you name it.  When this happens, the creative mind or person, often doesn’t know where to turn to in order to overcome this situation and find inspiration again. Well, here is where Catching Fireworks fits in!

I was so thrilled when I first heard of Deborah Henry Pollard and I was looking forward to talking to her. As an artist, I was very fascinated to hear about her creative coaching and was interested to know more about it. Deborah Henry Pollard is a creative coach, trained and accredited by Performance Coach Training Ltd and Relational Dynamics 1st.  She had set up Catching Fireworks® to coach creative people from all over the world, including Cyprus while her vast experiences through her life and the world of art involving books, films, art, music, theatre led her to use her skills to support creative people.

Deborah has worked with English National Opera, Siobhan Davies Dance, Society of West End Theatre, Chester Gateway Theatre, Oxford Concert Party, Chester Literature Festival, Studio Voltaire.

Apart from her coaching sessions, Deborah has also written and published a few books to help creative people in different ways. Her book ‘What is your excuse for not succeeding as an artist?for instance, is an excellent start in order to overcome excuses, explore, reflect and nurture the creative potential in order to succeed.

Her passion for her work has also led her to have regular coaching sessions herself and go on coaching retreats to enhance her skills, learn new techniques and continue to develop professionally and personally.

To learn more about Deborah’s creative coaching and Catching Fireworks, as well as about her books and all related information, check out the information below:

instagram @fireworksdhp

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Art Studio News – December 2021

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

It all started a year ago December 2020, the birth of the ‘Art Studio News’ newsletter; the idea to provide positive art news, keeping the good vides going as well as bringing people together through the arts.

Through this year, every monthly edition has been unique and special, aiming to provide something different each time. The section ‘Meeting a local Artist’ has been a treasure to learn and to get to know different talented artists. Their unique style and creative mind has offered the opportunity not only to learn about their art but also provided a source of inspiration in many ways.

To all the artists who have been involved in the newsletter in their own way, thank you for your support. Keep creating as art is the ‘food for the soul’. 

To all the readers of the newsletter, thank you for keeping reading it, sharing it and for your positive feedback. You have all been a driven force to keep it alive and going. It would not have existed without your support.

May your upcoming holidays be inspiring, creative and special.  As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Meeting a  local  artist…LOUKIA MAVROMOUSTAKI!

Thirsty for life and creativity, Loukia Mavromoustaki is a self-taught artist who never gives up learning!  Loukia’s passion for the arts started in 1994 when she first took Ikebana lessons. This Japanese art of flower arrangements has been an inspiration as well as a spiritual process which brought her closer to nature. Nature and human creativity are brought together into one!

Loukia always loved walks in nature and Ikebana brought her even closer to nature by getting to know the texture and the feeling of various flowers as well as the seasons when they are in bloom. 

She discovered that by creating, it filled her heart with joy and peace and that influenced her into wanting to explore and learn more about arts and crafts. This also led her to start taking painting classes from a well-established, prominent artist and teacher. She took art classes for 7 years (1996-2002) while during that time she participated in a couple of group exhibitions.

Painting helped her to notice the different colors in nature and even more! Loukia started painting landscapes and particularly themes involving the sea as she grew up next to it.

Parallel to painting, she started doing dried flower arrangements and handcraft creations. In 2000-2001, she organized her own handcraft exhibitions. Her unique creations have been admired by many as she keeps them authentic with natural materials.

What makes her art special is the process and the love she puts into each one of her creations that connects her with the viewer through nature with its colors and elements.

To view more on Loukia’s art creations, check out below information

Instagram:           @loukia_creations
Mobile number: 99 485 069

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
Albert Einstein

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Pick & choose & MORE

Group exhibition by the ‘Art without Borders’ group members / Art Studio 55, Limassol / 7pm-9 pm,  17-19 Dec 2021

‘The parallel project’  – group exhibition / The Gallery 45, 45 St. Andrew Street, Limassol /  until 22 Dec. 2021

8th Ceramic Art Exhibition /  Group exhibition / December 17-19 / Prozak coffee shop, Nicosia / Tel: 22-104244

Women in architecture / Exhibition examines the history of the presence of women in the profession of architecture in Germany and Cyprus over the last 100 years / 7 December 2021– 5 February 2022 / Goethe-Institut Cyprus, Nicosia / Opening night: 7pm. Wednesday-Friday: 2pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-2pm / Tel: 22-674606


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Wishing everyone well over the holiday season – stay warm and stay safe!

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Art Studio News – November 2021

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

November is here and made its appearance with the first light rain of the season.  A moment of fresh joy that the season will finally change to a ‘cooler’ fresh air and a scent of Fall will come along but it did not last long. While many of us are craving for some cooler weather, the window displays seem to have started getting ready for the Christmas season, already putting together Christmas scenes and goodies. Christmas chocolates and sweets appear to be all over the grocery stores, creating a big temptation for the ‘sweet tooth’ ones.  Nevertheless, whether you are ready or not for the upcoming holiday season, we try to keep your creative art spirit up!  Some exciting events are coming up next!

So, as always let your creativity flow and drive you to exciting outcomes! As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Among the Guto Ajayu Culture Art Anthology III

Very excited to be part of the Guto Ajayu Culture project with their  Art Anthology part III, a book  representing over 200 artists from around the world and which was presented at the Fine Arts Circle Madrid-Casa Europa (CBA) last month.

The book will also be part of the Spanish National Library in Madrid!

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein


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Meeting A LOCAL  artist… Kelly Norman

Living in a village outside Limassol with her Cypriot husband and 3 children Kelly paints most days in her home studio. She holds art workshops for children and has coordinated community Art Projects. She has had 4 solo shows in Limassol and Nicosia and has participated in several group shows in Cyprus, UK and Bulgaria.

Currently Kelly has had a drawing selected for the upcoming The Lido Store Open Exhibition in Margate, UK, opening on December 1, 2021.

In September 2021 she had a painting selected for 2021 RA Summer Show in London. In June 2021 her new painting series on newsprint was selected for The London Paint Cub International Open Call, ‘TOGETHER THROUGH PAINTING’. In March 2021 her work was selected for the First Newsprint Open Call at The Three Works Gallery UK. Also in 2021, she participated in the online Turps  Banana Correspondence Course End of Year Show,  ‘In Absentia’ at the online platform

Her current work continues to explore the topographical landscape but in a more abstracted form.

“They are not conventional representations of rocks or cliffs or the sea; they are landscape-informed semi-abstract pieces. I use a wide range of materials including oil paint, oil pastels, oil sticks, charcoal and ink. I draw most days in and outside my studio. These drawings are simultaneously representational and abstract, static and dynamic. The drawings communicate tactile qualities embedded in the landscape exploring mark making and texture. I find during this research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. “

You can follow  Kelly and her artworks and projects at:

Instagram: @artistkellynorman



Art can be a means for self expression, a personal satisfaction, a way of living, a source of income but also Art can mean solidarity; a way to support one another and a way to bond a community.

‘Kids for Kids’ art exhibition was born from our children’s love for art and our wish for them to learn the importance of hard work and helping others.

The exhibition will be held at Exhibit 8 Gallery at Georgiou Gennadiou 16 & Themistokleous, on 27 & 28 November from 15:00-20:00 hrs and it’s open to all ages!

Part of the proceeds of sales will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Some of the sponsors include Cablenet, Kean, Christis Charalambides, Eurogate, Associated Agencies Ltd, Laiko Cosmos, CXC Toys.

Pick & choose and MORE


Kids for Kids Art Exhibition / Exhibit 8, Limassol / 27-28 November 2021

The Makers Space Christmas Market, Tala, Paphos / 27-28 November 2021

Larnaca Biennale continues until 26 November 2021

Valentinos Charalambous Exhibition /Apothikes Papadaki, Limassol / 10 Nov —11 December 2021

Take me, I’m yours / Kelly Norman / Open Studio / 5-6 December, 10am-7pm / Eleftherias 1, PENTAKOMO, Limassol / 99 904 710

Pop up Art for Christmas / House of the Latins, Omirou Street, Nicosia / 11 -12 Dec. 2021

Did you know that

‘The Ballet Class’, By Edgar Degas was an imaginary scene in a rehearsal room in the old Paris Opéra?

Stay in touch for more art news!

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Art Studio News – September 2021

Staying in touch with art – by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

Getting back on track from Summer to Autumn can be something to look forward to! Having a fresh start, back to the studio or your kitchen table, outdoor space or wherever your creative spot is and materializing creative ideas in any art form that you enjoy working on can be a very exciting feeling.

Autumn in the island can be inspiring in itself with it’s more bearable temperatures, beautiful sunrise and sunset colors and sunlight.

So, let your creativity flow and motivation to drive you to an exciting outcome! As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

‘Waiting for the Sun’ series paintings gone virtual!

The virtual exhibition called “Beauty of Nature” organized by the Bougie Art Gallery in Canada is still on! Three of the paintings from the series ‘Waiting for the sun” are part of this amazing, international exhibition!

If you did not have the chance to check it out yet, you can do so by clicking on  the link below to view the exhibition for free!

artsteps | Beauty of Nature


This month we are excited to introduce the artist Irini Klokkari who is originally from Athienou, Larnaca. Irini has obtained a BA in Interior Design and an MA in Interdisciplinary Design.

She has created her own studio space, the ‘Klokkari Design Studio in her birth place Athienou, Larnaca, where she mainly focuses on character illustration. Her inspiration is mostly coming from the Cyprus traditions as it is so rich and has much to offer where each person perceives it in their own way.

According to Irini, the roots, history, culture and civilization are part of what makes us unique, thus we have to respect and appreciate it.   Through her modern design and style Irini has created characters which are presented on different items in order to offer a special moment to each person, may this be anniversaries, weddings or baptisms.

Her characters collection includes traditional folklore art of Cypriot ladies and men, bakers, embroiders, Greek gods and goddesses as well as other characters from the Greek mythology.

Apart from the traditional illustration of the various folklore characters, Irini is also involved in the illustration of beloved ones, creating humoristic portraits to offer a unique gift to any home environment.

You can check out Irini’s collection of illustrations and characters at her on-line shop on Facebook at Klokkari Design Studio.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein


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After;noon / project

Social Awareness Project / Nicosia

S:A Project is calling for Artists and Creators that could exhibit artwork or projects based on Social Awareness such as equality, diversity, nature, activism and any other sector that could be included.

You don’t have to be a professional/established artist to submit your application.

Deadline for Applications: 30th of September 2021

For further information check out the FB @ After;noon / project or


‘VENICE IN CYPRUS’– CVAR FOUNDATION/ On Line Photo exhibition / on going until 28/9

‘YOU NEED MORE’ -ART STUDIO 55 — Art exhibition by Katerina Mashir  — tel. 99 382 388

24/ 9 – 7 to 11pm and 25/9 – 4 to 8pm.


NICOSIA BOOK FEST / 9 and 10 October / Acropolis Park, Nicosia / free entrance / safepass required

For further information:

LARNACA BIENNALE  /  opening 13 October 21—26 November 21

Did you know that?

The largest horse statue in the world, the Zizkov Monument,

is in Prague – 9 metres tall.

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Staying in touch with art

Art Studio News – May 2021 – by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

May is here with its warm sunny days preparing us for the summer together with a feeling of optimism. Personally, walking to the beach after the recent lockdown was a liberating feeling with a sense of freedom; a freedom which tingles all the body and leaves a wonderful sensation of being alive. I could fill my nostrils and lungs with a fresh and salty sea breeze without worrying about restrictions.  A stress-free feeling from messages and constrains on time movements.

I wish to all of you to be able to experience this sensation of freedom where it drives you to create wonderful things and feeling contented.

At this point, I would like to share with you a recent art work which is dedicated to this concept: ‘Freedom.’

Enjoy your reading and keep your free spirit alive!

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Meeting a  local  artist…KATJA TONJA!

This month is dedicated to a special artist who finds inspiration in our island with its light and colors: Meet Katja Tonja!

Many years ago, at an exhibition, an artist whose painting she was admiring told her: color is everything…

It’s almost entirely her mantra. Moving to Cyprus made it possible to explore that assertion. The island, she says, “is astonishing! Seasons are bright; light and colour intense. The abundance of sunshine reveals the prettiest yellows, purples, blues and greens of spring and then the colors turn to gold in summer. This truly is an artist’s heaven!”

There is almost no subject or art form that she wouldn’t pursue. She uses acrylics and multimedia.  New methods, subjects and techniques interest her. From time to time she throws her energy into portraiture only to find abstracts, landscapes and still life winding their way in. Art is an evolving and liberating activity. This island, with its rich history, mythology and colorful folklore, is a constant inspiration for Katja.

Katja participated in Cyprus Open Studios and numerous exhibitions in Cyprus, UK, Belgium and Dubai. She is presently a member of Makers Space Studios in Tala, Paphos. There, she shares space and ideas with a group of very enthusiastic and talented  painters, ceramicists, fabric designers and glass artists.

Website: http://www.KatjaTonjaArt,com

Facebook: Katja Tonja, Katja Tonja Art

Instagram: #Katja Tonja, #Katja Tonja Art


Tel: +357 26 622 019

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Painted designs hand-printed on silks, jute and other fabrics


Founded in 2007, Pegasus Art Foundation is a non-profit institution aiming to show the work of artists to a greater audience, getting in touch with galleries abroad and to showcasing in various Art events and Art fairs locally and abroad.

The Foundation seeks to cover all areas in Arts, such as Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, Cinematography and Choreography / Movement and to offer new dimensions and different opportunities to artists of all fields.

Further, among the principles of the foundation is to provide a modern platform of collaboration among artists and to support contemporary art.

Since its establishment, Pegasus Art Foundation has successfully organized numerous innovating proposals, installations, seminars, exhibitions, international artists’ presentations while it has also supported other cultural institutions on the island.

In 2020, Pegasus Art Foundation began its collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Institution ‘Vienna QuartiereArtistico’, in order to promote the collaboration between Austrian and Cypriot artists from all Art areas including Music, Theatre, Cinematography and other.

Situated on Heroes Square, Limassol, Cyprus.

Did you know that Kim Dong Yoo created this portrait of Albert Einstein with tiny Marilyn Monroe portraits?

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” ~ Albert Einstein

If are looking to chill out on the sofa with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea, watching a good art related movie, here are some suggestions for you:

  • ‘Loving Vincent (2017) directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman
  • ‘‘Woman in gold’ (2015) directed by Simon Curtis
  • Modigliani’ (2007) directed by Mick Davis
  • ‘El Greco’ (2007) directed by Dimitris SIatopoulos
  • ‘Frida’, (2002) directed by Julie Taymor

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2020 is here!

Happy New Year everyone – let’s make it an arty one!

We would like to invite you to be part of our new and exciting regime, and invite you to register as a Member – a really great opportunity! At an incredibly low price – at anytime during the year! No deadlines – the fee will remain the same throughout the year.

Membership will expose you to galleries and collectors world-wide. Yes, several of our members can testify to that.

No need to open a studio or work space at a specified time!

International exposure all year round!

A full-page listing on our website will provide you with a page of your own featuring:

  • your contact information
  • your CV
  • your artist statement (if you wish)
  • as well as 10 images of your work. These images will showcase your brand; they will show the world what you do!

Registration for membership will open on 6 January 2020 and will run on an annual basis, by calendar year, renewable each January.

We will offer individual guidance to members only if you need or want it. We want the world to know about you! You are special – no one in the whole wide world does what you do!

Right now, we are really excited and hope you will join us in assisting Cypriot-based artists to become as well-known as they should be!

If you would like further information, please contact Maria at or use the Contact Us form on the website. Our Privacy Policy ensures your privacy. We will never share your information, except that which is readily available on the website.


from 6 January 2020 – no deadline

Members of Cyprus Open Studios (COS) no longer need to open their studios at specified times. Instead, YOU choose when you wish to invite visitors to view your work – the choice is now in your hands! Make your art your business.

>>>  During the year we intend launching specific pieces of art on-line during special promotion events, but  more about this later. We are fine-tuning the ways and means right now.

Studios and work-spaces will open all year round as and when YOU, the artist, choose.


Inform us of exhibitions that you participate in and we will promote them

on our EVENTS page

Some images from 2010 and 2011 open studios: