Yes! It’s that time again!


Registration for the Cyprus Open Studios 2019 event in October opens on

Monday, 1 April

Artists and artisans, please visit our website:

and familiarise yourself with the process.

Click on the “Register here” button and select your option 



Here are some benefits of becoming a member of Cyprus Open Studios (COS)

  • A website entry – a page of your own – on the site with up to 8 images of your work, directions and a map to find you (if you open your studio), your artist statement, as well as your detailed CV if you wish it to be included
  • Publicity over all media, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, but above all else, extensive social media coverage!
  • Being featured in the COS printed catalogue with 1 image, again on a page of your own – not only distributed locally, but also published on a global publishing platform … the entire year of your membership – and then archived indefinitely. Valuable beyond measure!
  • Gaining recognition is critical to being or becoming a professional artist or artisan
  • If you are already a professional artist or artisan, this gives you the opportunity to meet collectors, locally and abroad
  • Signage to guide visitors to your open studio or workshop – and much more
  • Networking opportunities with fellow members
  • You gain EXTRA exposure to the art-loving and art-buying public
  • You take 100% of the direct sales of your artwork at your open studio, as well as the proceeds of any commissions you gain.
  • Be a part of the larger community and meet other artists from all over the island and abroad
  • You have the opportunity to build your vein of gold: your mailing list!
  • COS serves as an inspiration to create new work every year and to interact with a deeply admiring public – yes, they love it! Hundreds of open studio events worldwide are proof of that!

Cyprus Open Studios have negotiated with galleries in Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos to host Cyprus Open Galleries in 2019 – please click on “Register here” and select your option under the “Members Plan”. You stand a chance of being part of a curated exhibition in one of three well-respected galleries in Cyprus. The gallery fee is incredibly low for curated exhibitions!

Over and above this, we also assist artists – physically – to exhibit abroad. Five hopefuls applied for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show 2019, and whilst they were not accepted, they now go on (by special arrangement) to the Salon des Refuses exhibition, also in London. Marina Emphietzi works tirelessly to promote you and your work in London.

At the Salon des Refuses show in 2018 – see more on the OGA page on our website.      Marina on the left, Aristi Hadjisavva on the right and Celia’s Potoudis MacPherson’s  pot    at centre stage

Please select YOUR option on the registration page under “Membership Plan” and we will provide you with the specific venues on offer. Another option is to register your interest in exhibiting abroad, also an option on the same page and under the same heading.

PLEASE NOTE that if you opt for exhibiting abroad, you will automatically become a “Member Only” of the Cyprus Open Studios (COS) website with all the benefits included; the usual fee is €35,00 but it will be yours for free.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the winner of the 2018 COS Prize Draw was presented with his prize. Mr. Peter Gehrer from Switzerland – a swallow between there and Cyprus – chose the free art lessons offered by Stephen Oliver Postgate and sponsored by Cyprus Open Studios. Stephen will give Peter his full attention in September when Peter returns to our beautiful island. Here are some happy faces in Stephen’s studio in Kamares Village, Tala, Paphos.

Peter Gehrer, Stephen Oliver Postgate, and Maria Etheridge in Stephen’s studio

Read more about this Prize Draw on our website, and also in our catalogue which is published every September. This year we offer TWO prizes – not a choice between them! That means the public will stand TWO chances to win. Isn’t that great?


What are you waiting for?

Go to and let us help you grow!

Any questions? Please ask for our “How does it work?” booklet by email: 

Publication1 ED.: Maria Etheridge

We begin again…

We trust you have all had a splendid festive season and are ready for the work of the new year. We certainly are!

As a starting point, we would like to thank you for each and every LIKE we have had on our Facebook page  –  You will also find a button just below the cover image of this page that says LEARN MORE – click on it and it will take you to our website

There is also a huge amount of information on our blog, accessible on the website under the button BLOG – Have fun reading all about what we do, how we do it and the biggest question of all: WHY we do it!

That is a very good question… We do what we do because we are besotted with art and artists – of almost every kind! The Cypriot market is pretty small in comparison with the rest of the world markets for art and, essentially, that is the reason why we are trying to help expose our local creators to the local market and also to the international domain.

To this end, we have an international division that assists 2-dimensional artists with exhibitions abroad under the banner of Open Galleries Abroad (OGA)  To this end we would like to invite interested parties to contact us in order to be added to our database for future communication about opportunities locally and abroad. Just drop us a line at and we’ll keep you up to date with what cooks.

2019 OGA submissions have closed now… you need to be an early bird for these! But don’t despair!  There is 2020 and all the years to follow! Create, create, create! And send us your name, email address and details – just contact us!

Our local operations under the banner of Cyprus Open Studios (COS) will once again be staged in October, between the 11th and 20th, in the studios and work-spaces of our participants, either individually, in groups or at selected gallery spaces. We are in the process of negotiating with gallery owners who would be interested in hosting such activities. Watch this space – we will let you know as soon as we have concrete news. However, the point has always been to open individual studios to the public.

Doesn’t this inspire you to start creating? Some of these are pieces of art in themselves!

We could not give credit for these images  – no copyright infringement intended!

We have also been invited by the Paphos Municipality to participate in cultural activities – again, this is very much under discussion at present. We would like to hear from other municipalities around our beautiful island so that we may work together to give our creative people a wider audience. They certainly deserve it! The talent we have here is phenomenal!

Registration for this year’s open studio event will open on 1 April with an absolute deadline of 30 June. This year’s website entries will go live after that date but in the meantime you can view last year’s participants – AND previous years’ participants under the ARCHIVE button – click on the year you wish to view.

Please note that all material on the website is subject to copyright! Permission to use material from the website can be obtained from each artist whose information is listed on their individual pages – be kind and play fair, please.

Until next time, keep on creating!