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Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

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May the month of May fill your hearts will lots of joyful and creative ideas! Keep your eyes open as the month of May is also a month dedicated to Museums where different activities are also held at different times and cities in various museums and places. Check out at the websites of the various municipalities in the island for more information in this regard as well as more information are on the following pages!

Once again, lots of inspiring events are happening to keep your mind and yourselves busy, escaping from your daily routine. As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Connected’ going virtual at the Venice Biennale this summer!
If you are travelling to Italy, it will be on until end of July


In the charming village of Lania, I met Elena Antorka, a self-taught textile artist full of creative energy and a gentle heart. While Elena initially studied dance as well as attended graphic design courses, textile art ended up winning her heart. It all started after receiving a gift : a sewing machine. It was the beginning of her love affair with fabrics and started her to create her own line of creative textile accessories, bags and more.

Since 2013 she has been creating as well as assisting in the fashion business in the creative part of clothing design, mostly related to events such as costumes for carnivals.

Elena explained that she gets her inspiration for her creations from simple things; colours, shapes, textiles.

Currently, she is been renovating her studio in the village of Lania where she is also part of a project where she has been offering a series of textile workshops for free, sponsored by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism. The list of all the workshops can be found at the Heart Land of Legends Cyprus website at and they are running until December 2022.

Elena has a special connection with textiles and creating for her is part of her identity, who she is and also what keeps her balanced with her surroundings. According to Elena, ‘everyone has the need to create.’

To view more on Elena Antorka’s creations and information check out:
Instagram: @Athasi_Creative_Studio
Facebook page: @Elena Antorka
Phone: +357 99 334 055

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein ~

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A different kind of experience…
As this month is dedicated to Museums, here is a small introduction to some of them which are probably a bit different from the most known ones in the island….

>>> The Cyprus Railways Museum which is housed in the old railway station near Evrychou village in the Troodos mountains, was part of the railroad operating between 1905 to 1951. From the station only the main building has survived which has been restored by the Department of Antiquities. In the Museum, original documents, drawings, photos and various objects related to the Cyprus railways are exhibited.

>>> The Fairytale Museum in Nicosia invites children and adults to the magical world of fairy tales. One of the Museum’s goals is focused on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage that includes fairy tales, legends, myths and traditions from Cyprus and Greece. The museum also organizes various events for children and adults.

>>> The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), located in Nicosia is the home to the Costas and Rita Severis Collections, which include paintings, antique costumes and memorabilia related to Cyprus and its neighboring countries. CVAR also houses a library and research centre. The main mission of the CVAR is the promotion of the culture and history of Cyprus, both locally and abroad.

>>> The Medflora Museum Cyprus in Limassol is a thematic museum for the medicinal flora of Cyprus. The Museum consists of Persephone’s Walk (MedGarden) and Orpheus Herbarium. Taking the MedGarden trail, visitors can enjoy the Persephone’s Walk, a 20 minutes meditative walk through the circular path of a jolly garden.

>>> The Local Ethnographic Museum of Geroskipou is housed in a traditional 18th century building, also known as the “House of Hadjismith”. It contains a large collection of exhibits originating from all
over Cyprus, representing the daily life, the various crafts and activities and the different expressions of Cypriot folk art during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


27, 28,29, 31/5/22 AND 1-2/6/22 ROYAL MANOR HOUSE, KOUKLIA

Vincent van Gogh made three distinct versions of his bedroom painting:

1st is in the collection of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam;

2nd belonging to the Art Institute of Chicago,
painted on the same scale and almost identical; and

3rd a smaller canvas in the collection of the Musée
d’Orsay, Paris, which he made as a gift for
his mother and sister.

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