Art Studio News – January 2022

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

We start the first month of the year with some fresh, creative and, of course, artsy ideas to get you going!

We hope that all of you had a great and enjoyable holiday season and may your new year start full of positive energy and good spirit!

Our new year’s resolution is to continue to provide our readers with positive art news through these online  newsletters, share them around and of course spread creativity around as at this point, to quote James Baldwin: “The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.”

As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

It must be spring…

Meeting a  local  artist…KATTYA Glavina!

Full of energy and passionate about art, Kattya Glavina, is a native Colombian Jewelry Designer and Painter who grew up in an artistic environment. She has extensive experience within the visual world in the USA and Europe. She always has more works of Art in progress which is how she likes it. Her philosophy about life is that our visions become artistic expressions of who we truly are.

Today she considers herself a Visionary Artist and resides in the breath-taking island of Cyprus where she has expanded her creative mind through several group and solo exhibitions as well as her ‘Intuitive Tree Art Readings’ which she uniquely created. She has also been featured in dozens of magazines, websites and other platforms.

Kattya has the passionate heart of an artist. Her artwork is a harmonious balance of elements seen and unseen. While her art is mainly of a monochromatic palate, it expresses her inner world with an interaction of lines, forms, textures and rhythm. She mainly favors silver and gold leaf with heavy acrylics as well as adding  her own sculpturing technique to give dimension to her paintings.

Art for this painter is a dose of imagination, knowledge, a sense of exploration and recognition of belonging, much like a declaration of awareness.

To view more on Kattya’s art works check out below:

FB @Kattya Glavina’s Art

Instagram @KattyaGlavina

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
Albert Einstein

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Catching fireworks!
… Finding your creative path

There is a point in a creative person’s life where inspiration or the creative process may reach in a dead-end or as we say, have a ‘writer’s block’ which does not necessarily involve only writers; it may happen to any creative mind: songwriters, visual artists, performers, choreographers, storytellers, you name it.  When this happens, the creative mind or person, often doesn’t know where to turn to in order to overcome this situation and find inspiration again. Well, here is where Catching Fireworks fits in!

I was so thrilled when I first heard of Deborah Henry Pollard and I was looking forward to talking to her. As an artist, I was very fascinated to hear about her creative coaching and was interested to know more about it. Deborah Henry Pollard is a creative coach, trained and accredited by Performance Coach Training Ltd and Relational Dynamics 1st.  She had set up Catching Fireworks® to coach creative people from all over the world, including Cyprus while her vast experiences through her life and the world of art involving books, films, art, music, theatre led her to use her skills to support creative people.

Deborah has worked with English National Opera, Siobhan Davies Dance, Society of West End Theatre, Chester Gateway Theatre, Oxford Concert Party, Chester Literature Festival, Studio Voltaire.

Apart from her coaching sessions, Deborah has also written and published a few books to help creative people in different ways. Her book ‘What is your excuse for not succeeding as an artist?for instance, is an excellent start in order to overcome excuses, explore, reflect and nurture the creative potential in order to succeed.

Her passion for her work has also led her to have regular coaching sessions herself and go on coaching retreats to enhance her skills, learn new techniques and continue to develop professionally and personally.

To learn more about Deborah’s creative coaching and Catching Fireworks, as well as about her books and all related information, check out the information below:

instagram @fireworksdhp

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