Art Studio News – December 2021

Staying in touch with art… by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

It all started a year ago December 2020, the birth of the ‘Art Studio News’ newsletter; the idea to provide positive art news, keeping the good vides going as well as bringing people together through the arts.

Through this year, every monthly edition has been unique and special, aiming to provide something different each time. The section ‘Meeting a local Artist’ has been a treasure to learn and to get to know different talented artists. Their unique style and creative mind has offered the opportunity not only to learn about their art but also provided a source of inspiration in many ways.

To all the artists who have been involved in the newsletter in their own way, thank you for your support. Keep creating as art is the ‘food for the soul’. 

To all the readers of the newsletter, thank you for keeping reading it, sharing it and for your positive feedback. You have all been a driven force to keep it alive and going. It would not have existed without your support.

May your upcoming holidays be inspiring, creative and special.  As always, stay well, stay positive and enjoy your reading!

Meeting a  local  artist…LOUKIA MAVROMOUSTAKI!

Thirsty for life and creativity, Loukia Mavromoustaki is a self-taught artist who never gives up learning!  Loukia’s passion for the arts started in 1994 when she first took Ikebana lessons. This Japanese art of flower arrangements has been an inspiration as well as a spiritual process which brought her closer to nature. Nature and human creativity are brought together into one!

Loukia always loved walks in nature and Ikebana brought her even closer to nature by getting to know the texture and the feeling of various flowers as well as the seasons when they are in bloom. 

She discovered that by creating, it filled her heart with joy and peace and that influenced her into wanting to explore and learn more about arts and crafts. This also led her to start taking painting classes from a well-established, prominent artist and teacher. She took art classes for 7 years (1996-2002) while during that time she participated in a couple of group exhibitions.

Painting helped her to notice the different colors in nature and even more! Loukia started painting landscapes and particularly themes involving the sea as she grew up next to it.

Parallel to painting, she started doing dried flower arrangements and handcraft creations. In 2000-2001, she organized her own handcraft exhibitions. Her unique creations have been admired by many as she keeps them authentic with natural materials.

What makes her art special is the process and the love she puts into each one of her creations that connects her with the viewer through nature with its colors and elements.

To view more on Loukia’s art creations, check out below information

Instagram:           @loukia_creations
Mobile number: 99 485 069

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
Albert Einstein

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Pick & choose & MORE

Group exhibition by the ‘Art without Borders’ group members / Art Studio 55, Limassol / 7pm-9 pm,  17-19 Dec 2021

‘The parallel project’  – group exhibition / The Gallery 45, 45 St. Andrew Street, Limassol /  until 22 Dec. 2021

8th Ceramic Art Exhibition /  Group exhibition / December 17-19 / Prozak coffee shop, Nicosia / Tel: 22-104244

Women in architecture / Exhibition examines the history of the presence of women in the profession of architecture in Germany and Cyprus over the last 100 years / 7 December 2021– 5 February 2022 / Goethe-Institut Cyprus, Nicosia / Opening night: 7pm. Wednesday-Friday: 2pm-7pm. Saturday: 10am-2pm / Tel: 22-674606


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Wishing everyone well over the holiday season – stay warm and stay safe!

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Staying in touch with art

Art Studio News – May 2021 – by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

May is here with its warm sunny days preparing us for the summer together with a feeling of optimism. Personally, walking to the beach after the recent lockdown was a liberating feeling with a sense of freedom; a freedom which tingles all the body and leaves a wonderful sensation of being alive. I could fill my nostrils and lungs with a fresh and salty sea breeze without worrying about restrictions.  A stress-free feeling from messages and constrains on time movements.

I wish to all of you to be able to experience this sensation of freedom where it drives you to create wonderful things and feeling contented.

At this point, I would like to share with you a recent art work which is dedicated to this concept: ‘Freedom.’

Enjoy your reading and keep your free spirit alive!

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Meeting a  local  artist…KATJA TONJA!

This month is dedicated to a special artist who finds inspiration in our island with its light and colors: Meet Katja Tonja!

Many years ago, at an exhibition, an artist whose painting she was admiring told her: color is everything…

It’s almost entirely her mantra. Moving to Cyprus made it possible to explore that assertion. The island, she says, “is astonishing! Seasons are bright; light and colour intense. The abundance of sunshine reveals the prettiest yellows, purples, blues and greens of spring and then the colors turn to gold in summer. This truly is an artist’s heaven!”

There is almost no subject or art form that she wouldn’t pursue. She uses acrylics and multimedia.  New methods, subjects and techniques interest her. From time to time she throws her energy into portraiture only to find abstracts, landscapes and still life winding their way in. Art is an evolving and liberating activity. This island, with its rich history, mythology and colorful folklore, is a constant inspiration for Katja.

Katja participated in Cyprus Open Studios and numerous exhibitions in Cyprus, UK, Belgium and Dubai. She is presently a member of Makers Space Studios in Tala, Paphos. There, she shares space and ideas with a group of very enthusiastic and talented  painters, ceramicists, fabric designers and glass artists.

Website: http://www.KatjaTonjaArt,com

Facebook: Katja Tonja, Katja Tonja Art

Instagram: #Katja Tonja, #Katja Tonja Art


Tel: +357 26 622 019

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Founded in 2007, Pegasus Art Foundation is a non-profit institution aiming to show the work of artists to a greater audience, getting in touch with galleries abroad and to showcasing in various Art events and Art fairs locally and abroad.

The Foundation seeks to cover all areas in Arts, such as Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, Cinematography and Choreography / Movement and to offer new dimensions and different opportunities to artists of all fields.

Further, among the principles of the foundation is to provide a modern platform of collaboration among artists and to support contemporary art.

Since its establishment, Pegasus Art Foundation has successfully organized numerous innovating proposals, installations, seminars, exhibitions, international artists’ presentations while it has also supported other cultural institutions on the island.

In 2020, Pegasus Art Foundation began its collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Institution ‘Vienna QuartiereArtistico’, in order to promote the collaboration between Austrian and Cypriot artists from all Art areas including Music, Theatre, Cinematography and other.

Situated on Heroes Square, Limassol, Cyprus.

Did you know that Kim Dong Yoo created this portrait of Albert Einstein with tiny Marilyn Monroe portraits?

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” ~ Albert Einstein

If are looking to chill out on the sofa with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea, watching a good art related movie, here are some suggestions for you:

  • ‘Loving Vincent (2017) directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman
  • ‘‘Woman in gold’ (2015) directed by Simon Curtis
  • Modigliani’ (2007) directed by Mick Davis
  • ‘El Greco’ (2007) directed by Dimitris SIatopoulos
  • ‘Frida’, (2002) directed by Julie Taymor

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