9 weeks to go!

Yes, 9 weeks before the first Cyprus Open Studios 2017 weekend…

Are you ready?

We would urge you to read your handbook and see what needs to be done and when. You will soon receive the final draft of the catalogue with this year’s schedule to proofread and sign off. You will also soon receive the order form for promotional material such as the number of leaflets and posters, directional signage, etc. Here at the virtual office of COS we are not on holiday…

However, what we would like to share with you is a really interesting collection of famous (and not so famous) artists and their studios, giving you an insight into why the public love to visit YOUR studios – they want more of what you’ve got! Let’s give them satisfaction and let them experience the agony and the ecstasy of what it means to be

An Artist!

Have a look at these; they really are fascinating!

a579dbd4c8f5b37f8a7e0878fe67b60c In honour of boredpanda.com  –  please click here

Have fun with your summer holidays but don’t forget that there are only 9 weeks before we have to be on show! Exciting, isn’t it!

We have a few plans up our sleeves for 2018 as all the excitement of Pafos2017 will have passed – we need to carry the momentum into new projects to get more and more exposure, here and abroad, for our beloved artists and artisans who live and work on our Island of Love!


She’s beautiful,  isn’t she! 

From the COS Team – till next time!


P.S.  Apologies, but we do not know who to credit for the image – no intention of copyright violation.

The Golden Mean Conundrum

When I was in primary school, I was extremely competitive in the area of mental arithmetic, always having my hand up first, snapping my fingers to be asked for the answer before anyone else got a chance.


Then I went to high school and discovered what real mathematics were and baulked. I discovered I had no mathematical hair on my head and opted for a secretarial course which included bookkeeping. I could cope with that, double entries notwithstanding.


However, I have always been interested in art and at that time of opting out of mathematics, was often asked by fellow pupils to illustrate their poems in their anthologies for the literary lessons. I did it gladly even though my own anthology suffered in the process.

I never studied art academically. But my interest was so great that when I had the opportunity to make a career change, I opened my own little gallery and framing business. It was while learning how to do framing, I suddenly realised that my lack of mathematics was a real restriction as framing was all about angles and degrees. I learned how to cope with that and all went well. I still had no idea what was meant by calculus, algorithms or the Fibonacci sequence.



And when I retired from the grind of a nine-to-five day and came to Cyprus, I decided to learn how to draw… properly. I went to Elli Lestas for three years and they were years well spent! It meant learning about perspective and the Golden Ratio. It was then I realised that Luca Pacioli was absolutely correct when he stated: ‘Without mathematics there is no art.” What a rude awakening I had!

I started studying Leonardo, Michelangelo, Whistler, Rembrandt, Renoir, and many others and in the process, discovered that they all used the Golden Ratio to some extent – even Picasso used it in his cubist paintings!


Essentially it is the “Rule of Thirds” and there is a good video on YouTube about this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piIiR6cqGlY presented by www.thevirtualinstructor.com – if you are looking for additional instruction, there you go!


The registration process for participation in Cyprus Open Studios in October is progressing well. There are a few drawbacks in that we are doing everything for the ‘first time’ and we all know how that can hurt! As we learn, things get easier and next year should be a doddle.

Please remember that the deadline is 30 April 2016 – don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your name out there. It won’t be ‘up in lights’ but it will be in print and on the internet – make use of all the facilities you are being offered.

Another piece of good news is that we are now officially in collaboration with Pafos2017 and will be having a meeting this week to finalise formalities. Unfortunately, there are no monetary benefits – only status! We hope to improve that next year…

We were delighted to see E.KA.TE. members are arranging an Open Studios event in April in Limassol – it is a great way to enhance awareness of the open studios concept and we wish them well.

The next blog post will go out AFTER registration has closed which means we will know how many participants there will be this year. The hard work is in progress to upload all the information we have received so far – it’s looking good! Much, much more to do!

Check out the website: www.cyprusopenstudios.com – see you next time!