Setting the record straight – again

It has been brought to my attention that incorrect information was posted sometime in March 2021 as part of a newsletter. I thought I would make a new post to correct things.

Originally I stated:

Way back in 2006/7 two pioneers from Cambridge in England, living in Cyprus, teamed up and started Open Studios CY. They were David Lester (RIP) and Sue Harding, and they used the Cambridge formula to run the local open studios. The 2007 event kicked off with a grand opening at Tekni Art which, at the time, was run by Nic Costa. It was a roaring success and we loved every minute of the next three years.

Apparently, what I should have said was:

The setting up of Open Studios CY in Paphos in 2006 was an idea originally promoted by Sue Harding who had taken part in such events in the UK.  She suggested the idea to Nic Costa who, at the time, was running the Tekni Art School in Paphos. He was keen on the idea and together they worked to make it a reality. In due course others came on board not only as participants, but also as helpers and organisers. Most notable amongst these were Mary Beth Trotter and Grietje Goedkoop. (Edit: Nic Costa)

I then went on to say: After some time had passed, Sue Harding was fully replaced by Nic Costa and this situation stayed in place until the AGM in December 2011 when no volunteers came forward to continue the work.

Open Studios CY went into hibernation where it still remains although the entire framework and platform no longer exist.

I apologise for any misunderstandings in the original post. However, that is now all history as it was replaced by:

In January 2016 Cyprus Open Studios (COS) was birthed but also due to lack of continued support and COVID19, closed its doors in 2020.

The website and the Facebook page still exist and all COS past participants are still listed under the heading of ARCHIVE on the website: – you can still contact them.

The COS Facebook page features a monthly newsletter produced by Kiara Timm, an artists who lives and works in Limassol, Cyprus. She would appreciate your support with news and images of happenings on the art scene in Cyprus. Please see the previous blog post for her contact information.

I trust that this will clarify things.

Maria Etheridge – founder of COS