Art Studio News – August 2021

Staying in touch with art – by Kiara Timm

Dear Friends,

Are you getting ready for summer holidays? August breeze, month of the summer vacations, relaxation or artist‟s procrastination? Whatever it is, it’s time to recharge batteries and get ready for Autumn.

With most days at 35 ْC+ it is often a challenge to be creative. So, if you are an artist and experiencing “a funny mood‟, boredom or disappointment because of the heat or whatever other reason, here is a suggestion for you…

As art is often a state of mind directly connected to our emotions, then use these emotions and transform them onto
your canvas for a positive outcome. Use your emotions and convert them into a beautiful and colourful palette to create something amazing and unique. The end result can be stunning! Converting an unpleasant feeling into a positive result may not be easy or always successful; however, you could give it a thought and try it out.

Stay cool, stay creative and enjoy your reading!

‘Waiting for the Sun’ series paintings gone virtual!

Very excited to announce that 3 of the paintings from this series where accepted and went on a virtual
exhibition called “Beauty of Nature” organized by the Bougie Art Gallery in Canada!
Check out the link below to view the exhibition for free!
artsteps | Beauty of Nature


Julie Menelaou is a visual artist born in London, UK but has been living for many years in Limassol, Cyprus. Julie studied Art & Design at Amersham Art College (1982-84) City & Guilds Royal Academy of Interior Design London.

Captivated by the human figure and facial expressions, her art works explore different aspects of human life, expression and the impact of the society around it. Her, “Miniature Muses‟ are part of her latest art works where these collective portraits were inspired by the Victorian miniatures from the late 18th Century as tokens of friendship and love that were captured in the miniature paintings. Amorous gazes or hands of the person mentioned in the painting and then framed in a locket or a broach or hairpin as part of the jewels.

Julie began this collective portrait study by using observations of friends and family. Painted in oil and bespoke frames found from off-cuts of ornate and contemporary styled wood.

Julie has participated in various solo and group exhibitions on the island of Cyprus as well as in the United Kingdom.
To view more on Julie‟s artwork, check out the below website:

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!
~ Albert Einstein


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Want to combine art and pleasure? Do you enjoy the sea? Then here is a one of a kind museum that was just inaugurated this month.

The Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa or M.U.S.A.N. is the latest installation of the reef artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The museum is built in the marine protected area, Pernera and the site was selected by the Cyprus Government to underline its protected status.

With more than 130 figural and botanical sculptures just off the Eastern coast of Cyprus, the underwater site is designed to tell a story to the visitors. The Underwater Museum was a project that started around 2013, and the aim is to improve the artificial reef and to increase its biodiversity. Furthermore, the idea is to create a unique underwater landmark that will attract diving tourism and promote it globally.

It’s the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean!
Just a few images:

Enjoy your summer holidays!!!

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